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Our company SportCivitas was founded in 2009.

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Our company SPORT CIVITAS, S.L was born to cover all the needs of our customers in the field of sport through the manufacture, supply and installation of sports equipment.
SPORT CIVITAS, S.L was established in August 2009 and operates as an independent company. Initially, the company was dedicated solely to sports assemblies, but we quickly acquired a manufacturing workshop to meet the great demand of our customers. That’s why we have a proven track record in sports equipment and construction.
We design, manufacture and install all types of sports facilities for the whole world (SPORT CIVITAS has intervened on 5 continents) and we guarantee all stages of design, assembly and quality post-sales service.
We do not depend on third parties or intermediaries who make the distribution times of products more expensive.
SPORT CIVITAS pays particular attention to safety as our facilities are used by all types of public such as children, adults, disabled and elderly people.

Our great pillars




Application and management of grants with official and private organizations.
Requesting necessary licenses and documents from the City Council or other organizations.
Execution and development of the project.
Adaptation of industrial facilities (industry caps and resins, masonry, auxiliary metal structures, industrial maintenance)
Energy efficiency.
Adapting industrial facilities to regulation:
ISO, BRC, IFS quality.
The Building Technical Code Decree Royal 314/2016.
A-ENV 12633: 2003 Slip Resistance Standard
In addition to managing the required authorizations in each country.